Humble Bundles

Support PVP.NYC by purchasing Humble Bundles 🙂

Humble Bundle is an awesome site that features amazing limited time super low priced (tiers start at $1 and go up to $15) bundles for games, ebooks, and other digital content with part of the proceeds going to charity!

Humble Bundle also has a monthly subscription bundle that costs $12 per month and contains a different selection of over $100+ in games every month which are yours forever to keep (even if you unsubscribe in the future!), plus other perks like 10% off the Humble Store, and access to the Humble Trove (a catalog of 50+ DRM-free games and Humble Originals). 5% of each Humble Monthly goes to charity.

Free Games! Time to time, Humble Bundle will offer free games to download for a limited time. These will be listed on this page, so please check it often 🙂

Current bundles with our affiliate links are listed below:



Current bundles ending soon: